Every Wednesday from  7 pm - 8:30 pm we meet at BCC West for ESCAPE! This is our mid-week program where we get a chance to just take a break from the week, have some fun, meet some new people and hang out with our friends!

October as been nicknamed "Fear-Factober" where each week we have a new event, some messy, some daring (nothing too serious), some kinda silly but ALL TONS OF FUN! 

Wednesday October 30th

October 5th

Outdoor Movie Night @ BCC West Campus. We all gather on the lawn outside the teen building and watch a movie together. Movie starts at 6:30 and will be over by 9:15. There will be snacks and drinks provided. We'll be watching "Harry Potter"

October 12th

This is a "Choose your own adventure" night where we let the teens decide what we're doing. Move often than not we end up at Freddy's :) but its all up in the air this night.

October 16th 

Since its Fall Break for most of us we'll be getting together for a breakfast this morning at the I-Hop on Cortaro and I-10 at 9am.

October 19th 

Funtastics Night! We head out after 2nd service and take over Funtastics for, go-carts, mini-golf, laser tag and more! $20 will get you the wrist band.

October 25th 

922's annual costume party! Held at a leaders home every year this is one of the biggest events of the fall! Dress up, eat junk food, play games and win prizes! (please no scary/dark/morbid or inappropriate costumes!) For time and location please contact the office or stop by the teen room.

October 26th

Fall Festival - we'll be splitting up into teams and helping make this event great for the younger kids. 922 will host it's own booth and give out prizes and candy to our younger kids that show up for a little trick-or-treat fun!

If you need more information please contact the office @ 520.579.5717 or use the online form below. 

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Welcome to the events page for 922 Youth Ministries! Below you'll find all of our upcoming events and activities for the North WEST CAMPUS. If you need more information please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking "Contact Us" below, or Callin' the office @ 520.579.5717