They Think Church Is A Phony Country Club:  Not here at The Bridge.  We don’t even have a membership.  No insider talk ("christianese").  Whether you are comfortable in the church setting or haven’t been at all, it does not matter, The Bridge is a great place for you.

They Think Church Is After Their Money:  Not here at The Bridge.  We don’t even pass a giving plate and never pressure anyone to give.

They Think Church Is Boring:  Our services are only 1 hour long and start with a concert like show followed by a great teaching using movie clips, props, illustrations, lots of laughter and more to make sure you learn and have a great time as you do.  The hour will fly by.

They Think Their Kids Will Hate It:  Not here at The Bridge.  From the little ones right up through the teens, the kids love it here.  So much great stuff to do, and more importantly, learning important things to help them as they grow. 

Think You'd Hate Church?

Why People Think They Would Not like Church: 

They Think Church Is Brainless:  Many think you show up to church and shut off your brain and believe on blind faith.  Not here at The Bridge.  You will be blown away by how this God stuff makes sense.

They Think Church Is A Waste Of Time:  Not here at The Bridge.  We promise you, if you come, you will learn some really helpful and practical stuff.

They Think Church Is Weird:  Not here at The Bridge.  Nothing strange happens here.  Nobody is ever pointed out.  You don't have to say or do anything, just take it all in and learn some great stuff.